Not very long ago our Online Think Tank was examining a Robotics Topic during a favorite site for “technology geeks” and also we go through the published reactions to some robotics development for automated warehouse and a factory. Precisely why you ask? Very well, since that’s what think tanks do, they survey subject, most serotonin and also consider just how best to go on to ensure the very best outcome for the forward advancement of mankind.

Among the individuals in the Think Tank conversation privately reported in an email and also later gave us permission to utilize his quote:

Do not know in case you examine any of this specific, but nearly all of the opinions listed here fall into the similar group of the neophyte (“ism”) that hinders genuine automation within our (U.S.) process. I read over a 100 of those entries and not among the /. “contributors” raised some true issues or issues. They each missed the point about the point that the person who can make the robots, or perhaps combines the robots, or perhaps installs the robots produce genuine cash flow and are themselves individuals in the financial system (as am I).

FactoriesNaturally, I need to point out he was right, in reality, I observed that:

Indeed, you know this’s the reason I don’t get involved in that particular forum/Blog, for these real reasons. Nevertheless, why that a person may often peruse such a discussion board is getting a feeling of where the public stands on issues of innovation, the amount and new discoveries of change, we may anticipate people to admit within the present time. By understanding the barriers of human culture, we are able to understand how difficult to push and where. In reality, do not you think it is amazing how robotics in a number of market sub-sectors are completely recognized and in other individuals stand up in arms?
Then Steve produced one interesting point:

I’ve used the anecdote often when met with opposition to robots “taking out jobs from us great union workers”: “Do you have a washing machine or an automatic dishwasher?”


“Do you understand how many hard working laundresses and dishwashers you are putting of work? And who do you believe makes those washing dishwashers?” and machines

Certainly, I concur the financial advantage of robotics in America is great, efficiency is always smart, everybody wins when methods are better. With all the labor shortages in a lot of fields:

  • Nurses,
  • Teachers,
  • Pickup truck Drivers,
  • Air-Traffic Controllers,
  • Car Mechanics,
  • Agriculture, etc.

Robotics is the solution and these demographics we’re having today will become greater as this pattern won’t stop. Indeed, I need to point out I agreed with each one of his most areas of course, to me it’s good sense, robotics revolution is approaching plus it’s just a question of price points, entrepreneurial skill, economies and marketing of scale.

We’ve all of that today, therefore it’s unavoidable, therefore I’d prefer to be 1 with the forward advancement of humanity than anyone to remain in the form of that improvement. The cost is dwindling and the capabilities are vastly improving, IE DARPA Urban Challenge, AI, industrial uses, UAVs, etc. etc. Then Steve made yet another important observation around the number of an armchair, quasi technologist, socialists, and their flawed thinking and controversy points:

Additionally, they missed the stage which (similar to Northern Europe) whenever the price of labor gets too much (or if the task demands the importation of far too numerous “undesirable” aliens), then you invent tools and systems that automate the process. Examples are self-cleaning bathrooms in hotels, automatic sidewalks, assortment robotic uses with in excess of a ten year ROI (the principle is the fact that in case it replaces the demand for a man, then the infrastructure is impacted less and this has a “social” financial value).

I go along with the Danes that in case we have the option of whether or maybe not to employ 10 illegal aliens to complete the job, vs. inventing the brand new robotic machine or process, then by almost all means… we need to invent! We help support our strengths which way.

Another major downside will be the point that ninety-nine % of the robots in this nation (the planet actually) are German or Japanese. Though it’s the integration of the bot, the end-of-arm-tooling, the power systems, the feed machinery, etc., conveyors, which constitute over half the price of a robotic system or cell. All those services tend to be Many and American-made of the newest innovations are coming from the U.S. and copied worldwide.

Maybe the United States must move forward with robotics and understand that enabling barriers to entry from Unionized Labor will impede the nation as a hurt and whole our technological future. In the long term, we are going to lose economically a lot more, in case we don’t move ahead today and also join the robotic revolution. Believe on this particular. Watch the video by ZIP HD to see how factory machines work.