Technology and innovation are advancing, and so does Artificial Intelligence. Today, a lot of developers and technologists have used the advantage of AI and its capabilities to make our lives easier. However, it’s a love and hate relationship for most of us.

On the brighter side of things, Artificial Intelligence is seen as the next big thing of technology. Taking a look at AI-powered gadgets today, you will definitely agree that it is indeed the face of the future. Meanwhile, AI is also seen as a threat to humanity. AI never ends as it keeps on learning as time goes by. Leading to a fear that it may soon overrule the human world because it is capable of creating and doing things that a normal person even can’t.

Artificial Intelligence and Technology

  • A lot of people believed that AI is going to be beneficial for our digital world. Over the past decades, significant improvements to AI yield positive changes that helped out different aspects of our lives. If you take a look at our modern smartphones and computers today, you will see that manufacturers and developers have teamed up to deliver the best experience of these devices with the help of AI.
  • Scientists believe that there is something more in AI than what we have seen today. It is a piece of tech that possesses greater value. And exploring it deep down to its roots will show mind-blowing results that no human could ever done before. So how does AI become a threat to humanity when it is actually a good thing for the advancement of the digital age?

Artificial Intelligence and How its Seen as a Threat

  • The mindset of seeing AI as a threat came from the idea of how it is a technology that surpasses the human imagination. Since AI is a piece of tech that is learning over time, no one knows how it develops in the future and the capabilities it can do. Leading people to believe that it may yield a negative impact on our society.
  • This is a question that no one can answer up to this day of how AI can be seen as a good or a bad thing in the eyes of humankind. However, from what we’ve seen today, AI has created a positive image to the development of our technology. Due to its unbelievable capability to learn and create new things, it came to the point where it became scary and worrisome.

 Principles of Using Artificial Intelligence

  • Instead of focusing on seeing AI as a bad thing, we should send our eyes to its positive impact on our lives. This is why scientists have created a set of principles in using AI to prevent any negative impact on humankind.
  • Various laws of robotics are followed by scientists and developers alike to create a technology involving AI without any kinds of human loss in the process. Because of these laws, it brought light to people that AI will not overtake the human world. Instead, it shows how AI can prosper to make our lives easier in the digital age. Such examples are shown down below.

Artificial Intelligence and its Benefits to Humans

  1. Automation
  • Say goodbye to repetitive tasks thanks to AI and its automation capabilities. This technology involves making the AI learn a single task for once and repeat it as many as its human programmer wants. This yields positive results where it reduces the workload of humans inside factories, replacing labor-leveled jobs and lessened the operational costs for many industries. Since AI-powered machinery are fast and error-free, it decreases the time-consumption of creating a product and so on. 
  1. Can Do Complex Things
  • AI can do things, whether simple or complex, without the need for human supervision making it a multitasking powerhouse. Such example is at a workplace, where it can send emails for a scheduled interview to people after reading their CV. 
  1. Estimation and Prediction
  • When it comes to estimation and prediction, AI is top-notch at that. AI has the capability to store and memorize large entries of data without making mistakes and making decisions on its own what to do with such data. Such examples are AI-powered websites where it can guide customers based on its recorded history of clients/buyers and AI-powered weather forecasts where it shows real-time updates of the weather. 
  1. Its Efficient Nature
  • Because of its efficiency, AI is error-free and doesn’t forget even the tiniest amount of details, unlike humans. As a result, AI can focus on their respective tasks without being distracted at all. This can be seen as a positive advantage to our ever-evolving digital age.