Skull jewelry is typical with males but now makers have developed skull devices perfect for females. They include:

Skull rings

These units are available in various designs ideal for females. The most popular units will be the biker style rings that are available in smaller sizes that females can comfortably wear. You will find models which are available in styles that are feminine featuring bows plus angle wings. The rings are manufactured from various metals ranging from inexpensive stainless steel to silver as well as gold. The same as males skull rings, these devices are adorned with gemstones which could be synthetic or genuine. In case you’re searching for rings, you will find wedding skull rings you are able to go for. The devices are generally simple but there are others which are available in fancy styles that you are able to go with.

Body jewelry

It is typical for most of the contemporary females to have piercings, particularly in their bellies. You will find belly skull rings as well as bars that you are able to purchase for your belly. These devices are generally fourteen gauges and are produced from stainless steel or maybe plastic resin. The rings have a threaded ball which keeps the band or maybe bar installed and you are able to very easily change its layout. In case you have a piercing which hangs down, you are able to go for the reverse abdominal rings. The body jewelry is available in designs that are various that feature bows, other feminine designs, wings, and gems. It is up to help you to choose the best one for your requirements.

Evaluate jewelry

These devices provide you with a substitute for basic gauge jewelry. The most popular types are plugs from stainless steel. You will find big gauge sizes of the shoes which are produced from the organic horn, polished wood, as well as real bone. These devices are perfect for piercings and if you wipe them clean correctly, you significantly decrease the danger of disease which is typical with substandard materials. The gauge parts of jewelry are available in various styles like hanging, hook through, along with several others. You simply have to choose the best one for your program.


Additionally, there are chains, various other kinds, and necklaces of pieces of jewelry created for females. The various devices are produced from various materials like metal, acrylic, cup as well as carved stone. You are able to wear the units in ways that are different. You are able to use several on chains as necklaces, repair them to some leather cord and use them as a choker, and also in another way. All that you have to accomplish is to choose the best one for your requirements. Check out the wide selection of these bad-ass skull rings at