In 1937 Anslinger testified before Congress thinking “Marijuana is the most violence-causing medication in the story of MANKIND.”

SERIOUSLY! I could easily testify by saying that’s an enormous line of CRAP Nonsense that I’d ever heard. While having several negative life experiences myself usually revolved around ALCOHOL mind you I myself wasn’t the Alcohol drinker myself. I’ve also witnessed a lot of things that are terrible and been in terrible circumstances also.

I’m not going to enter any detail since it’s no good and won’t help anybody. I always say what doesn’t kill us can make us stronger. It will take some time to buy over things that are certain but we draw it up and move on.

The sole concern we’ve here’s that cannabis/hemp isn’t LEGALIZED, and also it damn well ought to be for reasons that are several!

Medical CannabisThe sole crimes that I understand of tending to be linked to ALCOHOL, Prescription medications and something involving considerable amounts of Money!

When I was a teenager a buddy and I had been at her boyfriend’s home and he’d Cannabis/Hemp within a couple of minutes of being there a couple of miles traveled in with guns, We froze obviously but was able getting out. My point is the entire situation that I simply describe to you almost all revolved around MONEY!!! It wasn’t the cannabis which made them crazy and wishes to dedicate the crime it had been the Money.

It doesn’t cause them to become any different than the major heads that supply you the “LEGAL” Narcotics, Will it? Not any, In case Cannabis was LEGALIZED we will have far fewer problems today.

Kids, parents, siblings are murdered each day although not from Cannabis from Alcohol. You will find Suicides, Murder, Rape, and Beatings every second once again not from Cannabis but once again ALCOHOL!

There are numerous things are secret and perhaps you do not actually care and that’s alright, I am able to let you know right this moment that I’m not really a cannabis smoker myself, but what I do recognize is Cannabis cure people and also be utilized for many, many things. Teresa Towpik is a medical marijuana coach who can help you keep your marijuana intake under control and make sure you’re able to use its healing potentials properly.

So I question you to join me in the struggle to legalize Cannabis/Hemp now and I may, in addition, enable you to generate a recurring Income while we battle to LEGALIZE!